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Hey there! The story of starting Drugs Hotline began a very long time ago.
The drugs they offered for sale at the festivals and concerts were so poor in quality, or even very often fake. Always annoyed until we said to each other “this has to change”. 

Then we started this webshop with the goal of supplying premium quality party drugs at affordable prices and low purchase quantities.

A star was born.


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Incredibly good initiative by these guys. You can't stop drug use at festivals anyway. So you better do it in a safe controlled way. Here on the site no excessive supply of products, but everything of high quality.
Adam Emberson
the daily mail
February 15, 2023
Drugs Hotline es una tienda online muy popular en España. Los productos que venden han sido probados exhaustivamente en un laboratorio con anterioridad. Muy puros y sin aditivos de sustancias nocivas. A partir de ahora, salir de fiesta en los festivales puede estar libre de riesgos.
Paula Chouza
El País
December 12, 2022
Une solution sûre pour les festivaliers cet été. Des drogues sûres et pures, sans risque de mélanges dangereux ou de contrefaçons. L'offre n'est pas énorme, mais les produits sont de très bonne qualité.
Mónica Ceberio
Le Figaro
March 28, 2023
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